Saturday, October 4, 2014

 My favorite day of the year....AHA HEART WALK DAY!!!  This year was really exciting for us because it was the first year my parents were able to come join us.  Our Little Heart Heroes team continues to grow year after year which is really exciting.  This year the Little Heart Hero team total was $7820!!  That is truly amazing.  We are so thankful for our heart friends and our friends and family.


 It was very exciting to see AHA's new Support Network booth at the event. The new online Support Network is going to be a huge resource for so many families.

 Seeing Cain with his cardboard Cain never gets old.

My favorite part of the Heart Walk is always watching Cain walk over the finish line.  This moment means way more to me than just finishing the 3 mile walk.  For me it is a huge victory..a victory of another year of Cain's "half a heart" beating strong.  Here's to many more years of watching him cross that finish line.

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