Saturday, May 25, 2013

Field trip to the zoo

Cain's class had an end of the year field trip to the zoo last week.  Sadly, it was pouring the day of the field trip but the field trip still took place.  We just made the best of a rainy zoo day and spent our time in the reptile house.  Of course every other school and visitor to the zoo was all packed in the reptile house that day.  It was quite chaotic at times.

I think Cain's favorite part of field trips is getting to ride a school bus.  This was his 2nd time to ride a school bus and he loved it.

We had the option of checking our kids out at the zoo and taking them home with us.  I had planned to do that but then Cain quickly informed me he would rather ride the bus back to school.  I explained that if he went back he had to stay the rest of the day at school and didn't get to go home early.  He picked the school bus over his Momma...sniff..sniff...  

I hadn't packed him a lunch so I told him he would have to go through the lunch line and he seemed pretty excited about that too.  He is a VERY picky eater so I pack his lunch every morning.  This was his first day to eat cafeteria lunch food and his teacher said he actually ate a few bites of a turkey sandwich which I was excited to hear. 

Can't believe I have a big boy going on field trips, riding school buses, and eating cafeteria food.  How do they get so big so fast?

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