Saturday, May 25, 2013

Awards Day

Cain had awards day at school on Wednesday.  I was so excited to go to Cain's awards day and see what award he had be awarded.

Cain ended up receiving the "Best Listener" award.  I'll admit that when his teacher, Mrs. Riley, called out that he was the "Best Listener" I was a bit shocked.  Not that Cain isn't a sweet and very kind child but he certainly gives me a hard time with listening to me and minding me.  His teacher carried on to say the "Best Listener" award was being given out to the student who enjoyed listening to audio and video books.  That certainly made much more sense.  Cain loves to watch movies and for me to read him a book.  

It was pretty hysterical though because when Mrs. Riley said the next award was being given out to the "Best Listener" Cain threw his hand in the hair and yelled "Cain" before Mrs. Riley could even announce his name.  He had watched so many other kids already go up to receive there award and I think he couldn't wait any longer to get his.   

So proud of my boy and all he has accomplished this year. 

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