Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We are still so excited about how great Cain seems to feel since his heart cath.  It still makes me a little sad now realizing how bad he must have felt (or was starting to feel) before his cath.  Honestly before the cath he had been whining more than normal but I just thought it was just a stage he was in with not being able to communicate well with us.  But he has been a new kid since his fenestration closure and stent that was placed.  I'm assuming widening his pulmonary artery with the stent has made him feel much better.  We have had much less whining and as crazy as this sounds I swear he is even talking more and his speech has improved since the cath.  I'm assuming he just feels better overall which makes me very happy!

There were a few funny things from Cain's hospital stay that I don't ever want to forget.  Sometimes I think it's the laughter that gets us through hard times and Cain certainly made us laugh with a few things he said while in the hospital.

The first thing that we thought was hilarious (and possibly a little sad) was as he was waking a little after his cath the first thing he said to us was "not again. Awe man".  I laugh just typing this.  We had never heard him say that so it took us by surprise and had me, Brad, and our nurse all laughing.  He woke up enough to say that and fell right back to sleep.

Another thing was right before Cain was discharged the nurse was removing Cain's IV from his hand And he was saying "ouch, ouch" in the sweetest little voice and then looked at us and the nurse and said "I'm sorry" which sounds more like "sar-wee" and then he told us "I okay".

And the day after Cain left the hospital I had to remove Cain's pressure bandage from his cath site.  The bandage is a big sticky clear piece of tape.  Cain was not thrilled about me needing to remove this and I can't say I blame him.  At first he threw a fit but I explained to him he could lay still and let me remove it or otherwise we would have to go back to the dr and let them remove it. I guess he didn't  like the idea of having to go back to the dr so he laid very still while my mom held his arms, I sat on his legs and removed the bandage as gently as I could.  Once it was removed he stood up, looked towards Callie and said "CALLIE'S TURN". We had all been sweating removing the bandage so hearing him say that certainly lightened the mood and made us laugh.

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