Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving lunch at school

Today I was able to go to Cain's school for Thanksgiving lunch.  Callie went with me and we were able to sit in a room just outside the main cafeteria that was set up for students and their families.  We shared a table with another one of Cain's classmates, Austin, and his mom.  It was so cute watching Cain interact with his friend from class and he seemed really happy to have us at school eating lunch with him.

It was so cute seeing Cain sit at the big cafeteria table.  He didn't  know I was there yet. 
A look of confusion wondering why Momma and Callie were at his lunch. 

Comparing smiley faces on their hands.  The goal is to come home each day with two smiley faces drawn on his hands. As long as he listens and has no time outs at school he gets two smiley faces from his teacher.   
I packed Cain's normal lunch because I knew he wouldn't touch any of the Thanksgiving food but Callie loved it all!   Although that's no surprise.  She will give anything a try.

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