Monday, November 5, 2012

Just waiting...

Since I don't have anything to do but wait for an update on Cain, I thought now may be a good time to do an update.

We arrived at the hospital this morning at 6am and Cain was in a sweet and happy mood.  His newest thing is to ask "what's that?" to everything all day long.  So all the way to the hospital all we heard was "What's that?"  "What's that?" in the sweetest little voice.  While we waited to be called back Cain had fun "playing" video games.  And when we got back to the surgery holding area Cain did great and let the nurse take his vitals and let the anesthesiologist and the cardiologist listen to his chest.  The only thing he did not enjoy was having to take his Versed (happy juice).  He does great at taking his daily meds for me but when I introduce a new med to him we always have problems.  He usually ends up sick and we almost had that problem today but after a little struggle we were able to get him to take the Versed and keep it down.

I had a very hard day yesterday.  I was much more anxious than I expected to be.  One minute I would be fine and the next minute I would be crying.  It actually made me wonder how in the world I made it through Cain's heart surgeries considering this is just a cath and not an open heart surgery.  I told Brad I was shocked at how anxious I was about this cath and didn't remember being that anxious at previous cath's.  Brad just laughed and said "trust me you were just as anxious with those too." Ha!  I guess it has just been awhile since Cain had a procedure so the "feelings" were new again and took me by surprise.

Thankfully, I was much better this morning and only cried when they took Cain away for his cath.  No matter how many times I see that sight it is something I'll just never get used to.

The cath started around 8:00 and so far we have received 2 phone calls with updates.  The first call was letting us know they had temporarily closed the fenestration and were in a waiting period to watch and see how Cain's body reacted to the fenestration closure.  The 2nd call was to tell us that they were putting a stent in Cain's pulmonary artery and would proceed with the closure after the stent was in place.  He has been back for about 3 hours now so we anticipate the cath should be finished soon.  Looking forward to seeing my sweet boy again very soon.


melissa said...

No, it never gets easier. Just slightly more familiar. Praying!

Steph said...

You are the strongest momma I know!! You and Brad hang in there and lots of love to our favorite super hero!!!