Monday, October 29, 2012

John Preston's 4th birthday .... superhero style

Last weekend I took the kids to John Preston's superhero birthday party.  He was turning 4 and I knew Cain would love going to a superhero themed party.  Just in the last few weeks Cain has become obsessed with Spiderman.  Brad recently bought him a Spiderman outfit and mask and he wears it all day every day.  Everywhere we go he honestly has it on...doctors appointments, football games, grocery shopping.  He is Spiderman all day long. Thankfully the invite mentioned to wear your favorite superhero outfit so that worked out perfectly for Cain.  

The party was in Liepers Fork which is about a 30 minute drive from our house.  I can not begin to explain how beautiful the drive was through the rolling hills of Nashville.  The leaves were so many colors and it was beyond beautiful.   

There were several cute Spidermen at the party.  I can't believe Cain actually likes wearing the mask but he loves it.  

John Preston's mom did a great job on the party.  It started out with games for the kids, then an Avengers superhero showing up for the kids, a bonfire, and hayride through the pasture to go see horses and chickens.  

Cain liked looking at the horses from a distance but Callie (who is at the age of not really having any fear) enjoyed feeding and talking to the horses.

There is a really neat story to how we met John Preston and his mom.  Earlier in the summer I was at Toys R Us buying the kids swim diapers for Cain and Callie's swim lessons.  We stopped in the Thomas the Train section to let Cain and Callie play with the train tables and John Preston and his mom were doing the same.  While the kids were playing, John Preston's mom (Heather) and I started talking.  Somehow Cain's heart surgeries came into the conversation and Heather started to cry a little.  She couldn't believe the story and told me it was just what she needed to hear that day.  Her husband had found out that day that he was going to need open heart surgery and she had been devastated and obviously scared he would need surgery.  We stayed in touch after that and let the kids have a play date.  Her husband had his heart surgery and is doing great.  Many times she has told me Cain was her strength and her hope when she was scared about her husband.  So glad we met them in Toys R Us that day and glad we were able to celebrate John Preston's 4th birthday.  

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Heather Thompson said...

Love you guys...I am officially in tears again! Thanks for coming! Cain is still my strength and you as well in so many ways!!!!