Monday, October 29, 2012

2012 Buddy Walk

We walked in our first Buddy Walk this year.  I was excited to join our friend Emily and her son Cooper.  Cain and Cooper are in preschool together and I think they have a lot of fun getting in trouble together.  His mom Emily and I have become great friends since we see each other every morning and every afternoon when dropping off and picking up the boys.  Cooper has Down Syndrome and the Buddy Walk is a walk that was developed by the National Down Syndrome Society to promote acceptance and awareness of people with Down Syndrome.  I saw on the website that the walk encourages their heroes with Down Syndrome to invite their sidekick buddies to join them in the walk. I can't tell you how excited I am that Cain is one of Cooper's sidekick buddies at school.  I hope they always remain friends.

It was so cute watching Cain and Cooper throw a ball back and forth before the walk started.  I think Cain was telling Cooper "come on throw the ball" in the next picture. Ha!

There were so many people at the walk and the weather was perfect.  A little chilly at first but warmed up through the walk.  I ended up talking to a lady during the walk who teaches at Cain and Cooper's school and has a nephew who received a heart transplant at 5 months old.  He was born with an undetected heart defect and went into heart failure at 5 months.  He is now about to turn 20 and doing great.  He had been told he may need another transplant around the age of 10-15 but he has his same donor heart and has never had any problems.  It was a wonderful story to hear.  Especially when we have a sweet friend currently in the hospital waiting on a heart transplant.

During the walk we stopped to let the kids feed the ducks but we ended up feeding Cain instead.  He decided he would rather eat his bread than give it to the ducks.  Ha!

So happy these two are friends.

Cooper's granddad could somehow make a duck call sound out of leaves which we all thought was pretty cool.  Cain hears Brad blowing a duck call all the time so he was familiar with the sound and kept wanting to figure out how to do it too.

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Dawn Maynor said...

I love this blog! It's so special, and my favorite part is the pic of Cain holding his hands up saying throw the ball! It's so cute!