Thursday, May 17, 2012

End of school

Yesterday was Cain's last day of Mother's Day Out for the fall/spring semester. I am so glad we decided to sign him up for Mother's Day Out last August. I remember being so nervous about him going even though he was only signed up to go two days a week for just a few hours. Cain is in weekly speech so our hope had been that MDO would really help his communication. Thankfully it turned out to be a wonderful decision. Just in the last month or two I feel Cain has come a long way in his speech and his teachers started really noticing him wanting to socialize and play with his peers more.

Since yesterday was the last day of school, his class (and a few other classes) had a big end of the year party at the park. Both Cain and Callie had a blast. Callie wanted to follow Cain around everywhere and do everything he was doing.

A funny story with the flowers is I had bought these potted plants for Cain's teachers as an appreciation gift and attached a note that said "Thanks for helping me grow! Love, Cain".  I had them ready to go and sitting at the back door the night before giving them to Cain's teachers.  I was visiting with my neighbor and we realized all of a sudden we had not heard or seen Callie in a minute or two.  Well, she was sitting at the potted plants picking all the flowers off the plant.  Thankfully we got to her before she picked all the flowers off this one.  


Brittany said...

thanks for posting! Would you please update more often?

Katherine said...

Putting that ipad to good use, I see! Good job on the post!