Tuesday, May 22, 2012

That's funny...

This morning was Cain's speech therapy day. He has been in speech therapy for over a year now. We used to go every week but thankfully now we only go every other Tuesday. I'll have to write a post about speech therapy one day soon.

After speech therapy, we headed over to Amani's (our neighbor's niece) school to join her for her end of 4th grade picnic.

I'm so glad she invited us! Cain and Callie had so much fun. The picnic took place outside on the playground so after we had lunch Cain and Callie were able to play on the slides.

After lunch we were invited to go to Amani's classroom to watch a video montage of her 4th grade school year. Cain sat in her lap with all the other 4th graders to watch the video. The video showed pictures of the students throughout the year and all the students would crack up laughing as they saw each picture. Cain LOVED this and started hysterically laughing with the 4th graders. It was adorable!

We came straight home afterwards and the kids went straight to sleep for long naps. When Cain woke up from his nap I heard him laughing in his crib and after each laugh he would say "that's funny!" Later I found out that when he was laughing at school Amani would say, "is that funny?" and Cain would reply with "that's funny". I thought it was sweet that he had so much fun at today that it ended up being the first thing he thought of after his nap!

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