Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today marks one year since Cain had his last heart surgery.  It was hard not to be emotional at times throughout the day.  One year ago today Cain's heart was stopped, put on bypass, and then restarted.  That is something that is still hard for me to wrap my head around.  It is crazy to think that this was Cain one year ago.

It has been a fabulous year but that doesn't make it any easier to look at that picture of Cain.  It breaks my heart to think of all he has been through.  But we have been so blessed and I am beyond thankful!

To celebrate Cain's one year Fontan anniversary I took him to a toy store near our house that is a kids paradise.  They have trains galore which is still Cain's favorite!  He is still obsessed with Thomas the Train so he had a blast in the toy store playing with all the trains.

Cain ended up picking out a Harold the Helicopter as his gift and of course Callie needed a gift too so she got her first pair of pink glitter dress up shoes.  

We are always asked "Will Cain have anymore surgeries?" "Is his heart fixed now?"  As of right now we know Cain will have another procedure sometime next year.  Most likely next spring.  It will not be an open heart surgery.  It will be a procedure that can be done through a heart catheterization.  During his last surgery a hole was left in his heart to allow his body to adjust to the new circulation.  This hole (fenestration) is what will be closed some time next spring.  

We are so proud of Cain and of how far he has come this year.  I also know we aren't the only people that are proud of him.  He has touched the hearts of so many people!  


Scarlett said...

I think you deserve a gift too Catherine:) That picture breaks my heart.

Katie said...

Happy Fontanniversary to our buddy! It will always be such a special day for us, I thought of you yesterday...wondering if you were as teary as I was :) Crazy emotions welled up! Cain is looking great! Maddie still needs her fenestration closed as well, maybe we can "plan" that on the same day too! Hope you all are doing great, someday, let's meet up! I'm thinking a fun heart mom vacation (with kids) is needed sometime soon. Where could our central point be??? Take care!