Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An update...finally!

Oh my goodness...I have a ridiculous amount of catching up to do to get our blog up to date!  I'm not sure if anyone even still comes and looks at our blog but in case you do I thought I would add some pictures to let everyone know we are doing okay and let you see a little bit of what all has been going on since I last updated our blog.

So here you go.....

Cain and his 'heart buddy' Jace celebrated their 3rd birthdays 
Cain had his first dentist appointment
Cain turned 3!!!
We traveled home so Callie could get some loving from her Great Granddaddy 
Cain & Callie have been enjoying Spring
MeMaw came to visit
Callie is growing up so fast and even learned to walk last week (I must get a video of that on the blog)
Cain and Callie met the Easter Bunny at an Egg Hunt
They enjoyed dying Easter Eggs
And we had a wonderful Easter!
I hope to write blog posts on each of these events (and more) soon.  But in the mean time I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I'm sure you are happy to see a new post and not see the "New York" post again.