Monday, November 21, 2011

Whistlestop Weekend

Last weekend my friend Tina and I took our kids to the Adventure Science Museum.  Neither one of us had ever been and we loved it.  It was a GREAT place for the kids.  Both Luke and Cain especially liked it this particular weekend because it was 'Whistlestop Weekend' and they had model trains set up everywhere.

I don't think Cain knew what to do with himself after seeing so many trains at once.  He was in heaven!! I think I heard him say "Thomas" no less than a 500 times.  He called every train he saw "Thomas".  He was seriously yelling with excitement.  

Besides loving all the trains, the boys loved all the other things to do at the Adventure Science Museum. They loved the slides, the games, and Cain really liked playing/pretending to drive the ambulance.  

Having fun with the blue screen

Driving the ambulance 

I could not believe Cain went down this big slide all by himself.  I went with him the first time and after that he wanted to do it all alone.   
"Okay mom...I've had fun but can we go now??"

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