Friday, November 4, 2011

Trunk or Treat

On Sunday evening my friend Lacey came over and we took the kids to Trunk or Treat at the church where Cain attend's Mother's Day Out.  We tried to get a picture of everyone together before we left the house but as you can see that did not turn out as well as we had hoped.  

I just love how Callie is looking at Cain like "what in the world are you crying about?"

It is so neat that Lacey lives in Nashville now.  Our parents were best friends when we were Cain & Callie's age and we all lived the tiny town of Winnfield, LA.  Ironically, now Lacey & I both live in Nashville and our kids are getting to grow up together.  Completely crazy how that has happened.

Trunk or Treat turned out to be just the right size for our little kiddo's.

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