Sunday, November 20, 2011

Play-dates with friends

Cain has recently had several play-dates with his little friends.  Cain stays pretty busy during the week with MDO on Monday and Wednesday's, speech on Tuesday's and music class on Thursday's.  So that usually leaves us Fridays or the afternoons after his MDO to meet up with friends.  We've recently tried to meet up with Cain's friends as much as we can on Friday's when we have nothing else scheduled.

We've mostly been going to Monkey's Treehouse which is an indoor play area that Cain really seems to like a lot.  I even decided to book his 3rd birthday party there.

I tried to get a picture of Cain, Callie, Preston & Piper but as you can see that didn't go so well.

I remember just last year being so nervous about having Cain in play areas like this.  I was terrified of germs and of Cain getting sick.  Don't get me is something I'm still nervous about but I'm so happy that I've relaxed a little and don't seem to be as nervous as I was just a year ago.  

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