Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Under the weather

We've had several days of everyone feeling under the weather around here.  Poor little Callie started running fever on Friday.  She has a terrible cold and her first ear infection.  She has been pretty pitiful.

Spending our Friday night at the doctors office.  Poor girl. 
She is still really stopped up but seems to be feeling a little better thank goodness!  I guess part of being a mom and taking care of the sick kids is that you will most likely get sick too.  We were planning to travel to Louisiana this week while Cain was out of school for fall break.  Sadly we have ended up not going because Callie passed her cold on to me and I've now been feeling terrible.  I finally gave in and went to the doctor today which normally never happens.  Hopefully the shot and medicine will get me feeling back to normal very soon.  And hopefully Callie will be back to her normal smiley self again soon too!  

I hate to see Callie sick but I'll admit I've loved having some snuggle time with her.  She is constantly on the move now so she rarely snuggles with me anymore. Sigh!  

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