Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fontan follow-up

Cain had his 6 month post-op appointment today.  He was certainly not a good patient at this appointment but he did receive a very good report and thankfully that is what matters most.  He was in a great mood in the waiting room but as soon as we walked into the room where they take his vitals he became a monster.  We were lucky to get his blood pressure and a sat reading but we could never get him to cooperate long enough for us to get an EKG reading.

We tried everything we could to get Cain to calm down long enough to run an EKG but nothing worked.  He kicked and screamed and KICKED AND SCREAMED!   Needless to say they decided an EKG and an ECHO would not be necessary on this appointment.  His sat's were 88% so the cardiologist seemed pleased.  I'll be honest...I was hoping his sats were going to be a little higher.  I was expecting to see the low 90's based on how good he looks and how pink he seems to be since his Fontan.  The only time I really ever notice him turning blue anymore is if he is really mad (like today at his appointment) or if he is really cold.

So the good news is....Cain is doing great and doesn't have to be seen until April of next year.  Hopefully he will be a little more cooperative at that appointment so we can get an EKG and an Echo then.  At that appointment we will start talking about Cain's fenestration closure.  His last operation involved making a tunnel to bring oxygen-poor blood directly from the body into the lungs.  The tunnel connected the inferior vena cava to the pulmonary artery, bypassing the heart.  This new circulation can put extra pressure on the lungs while Cain's body is getting used to it so to relieve pressure a fenestration (hole) was put between the tunnel and the heart.  The fenestration allows some blood to flow from the tunnel into the heart.  It basically acts as a temporary pressure release valve while Cain's body adjusts to the new circulation.   It is usually closed a year to year and a half after the Fontan operation, so that oxygen-poor and oxygen-rich blood no longer mix.  After the fenestration is closed Cain's oxygen sat's should increase to around 95%.  That is what we are hoping anyway!

For now we are thrilled with another good cardiology report!!!


melissa said...

Great news!

tiffany said...

So happy for you guys!