Monday, September 5, 2011

Dixie Classic 2011

At the end of August we traveled to Louisiana again.  This time we went to DeRidder, LA and spent the weekend with several of our college friends.  This was our 8th year to all get together at one of our houses.  The first year was at our house in Nashville, several years we have gone to Dallas, and the last few years have been in south Louisiana.  I love our group of friends and love our time spent together.  We are lucky to have all stayed so close after college!

On Friday all the girls went and played golf while the boys went to another course.  A few college girls came to the house and kept all our kids so we could get away for a few hours.

This is the golf game Brad lost and now has to grow a mustache. (maybe I'll post a pic of his mustache once he is finished growing it)

We had a blast over the weekend...riding 4-wheelers, playing on a big water slide, and just enjoying watching all our kids play with one another.

On Saturday we set up camp at the Whiskey Chitto River on a sandbar that was the perfect size for our group.  We had the sandbar to ourselves and it was a perfect little area for the kids to run around and play.

I don't remember when or why we started calling our yearly get togethers the "Dixie Classic".  But somewhere along the way that name came up and it stuck.  Now we have yearly shirts and cups made with "Dixie Classic" printed on them.

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