Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Day Out with Thomas the Train

**Disclaimer**-Cain has been given a haircut since these photos were taken so he can finally see again!

On Sunday we took Cain to a Day out with Thomas.  If you know anything about Cain, you probably know he is pretty obsessed with Thomas the Train.  Actually VERY obsessed!!

I've been excited about taking Cain to see Thomas the Train all year long.  I've known for months and months that he would be making a stop in Nashville at the Tennessee Central Railway and I couldn't wait to take Cain (and Callie too of course).  

Cain seemed excited from the minute we got out of the car.  We had great parking and you could hear Thomas the Train music as soon as we opened our car doors.  I'm not sure Cain knew what to think of it all.  

This was Cain when he first saw Thomas the Train-mesmerized!!

A Day Out with Thomas was basically like a little Thomas fair...train tables, a small train to ride, a petting zoo, a magician, little putt putt golf areas, inflatables, etc.  The main attraction was getting to ride a real train that Thomas the Tank Engine was pulling. 

It was a slow 20 minute ride towards downtown.  I was nervous that the kids would be restless but they seemed to enjoy the train ride. 

After the train ride, you could stand in a long line to get your picture taken with Thomas (which of course cost extra) so we attempted to take our own pictures.  As you can see Cain couldn't take his eyes off of Thomas long enough to take a picture.  I think he was still mesmerized about seeing Thomas the Train in person.  

The weather was perfect and it turned out to be a great little family outing. 

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