Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our trip to Louisiana

We finally made it back from Louisiana last Sunday after spending almost a week and a half visiting  friends and family.  It was a wonderful trip home!  The main reason we traveled to Louisiana was because I was a hostess for two very special baby showers.  My best friend Kristi is due to have her 2nd sweet baby girl, Landri Rose, any day now.  And my other very special friend, Kristy, is due to have her 2nd boy, Cannon Michael, in the middle of September.

We gave Kristy a special baby shower on Saturday afternoon to honor sweet Cannon.

The shower was nautical theme to match Cannon's bedding and bedroom.  I've never made a diaper cake but thankfully my friend Dawn has made one before.  We decided to make one for a centerpiece and I think it turned out pretty good for my first diaper cake.  Thank goodness Dawn was there to assist me and teach me how to make it.

Since the shower was nautical theme I decided Callie needed to wear her cute little sailor dress that my dad picked out especially for her.  I love that one day I'll be able to show her this picture and tell her that her Poppa (her granddad) picked this dress out for her.

There were pregnant bellies everywhere at this shower.  Three sweet babies on the way.

My friend Dawn did most of the planning for this shower and she came up with the idea for us to decorate onesies for little Cannon.  They all turned out really cute.

Isn't Kristy an absolutely beautiful pregnant little momma?

I have tons of pictures from our trip to Louisiana and hope to share them all this week.  So I suppose this post is to be continued....

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