Thursday, August 11, 2011

Christmas in July

Everyone on my dad's side of the family usually gets together every Christmas Eve or the weekend before Christmas.  It's our one time of year when we usually know we will all be together (all 35 of us now).  I've only missed two of these Christmas get togethers...the first being right before Cain was born and the other was this past Christmas because Callie was only a few weeks old.  We try our hardest to all get together as much as possible but now that we all live in a few different states it makes it more difficult.  Thankfully several of my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins were all able to meet up as we were driving through Vicksburg on our way to my parents.  My cousin Kirk and his wife Melissa were also in town from Kansas so it was a great excuse to get as much family together as possible....a little Christmas in July!

Cain with my cousin Kirk
Cain with his cousins Kaleb and Seth
Callie with her cousin Kaleb
Sweet Seth showing us his walking skills
Cain giving Bruno a hug.  Love Cain's face in this picture.
Kaleb (who is only a few weeks older than Callie) showing us how Callie will be walking before we know it. 
Cain with his cousin Ella

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