Monday, July 18, 2011

Our week in pictures...

I talked to my Granddad this weekend and he sweetly told me he loved seeing pictures of the kids but that I just didn't post pictures often enough.  Sadly, he is correct.  I take a couple of pics of the kids each day but they usually never make it to the blog.  So the following pictures are just a few I took last week.   These pictures are especially for my Granddad so he can see his his precious great-grandkids.

I took Cain to story time at one of our local libraries on Monday.  About 10 minutes into story time we ended up having to leave.  Another little girl walked in with a Dora the Explora cup and Cain could not get that cup off his mind.  He ended up walking over to the little girl and almost sat in her lap trying to get to her cup.  I tried explaining to him that it wasn't his cup and picked him up to move him away from her but Cain did not like this at all!  He decided to pitch the biggest fit so we left story time before we caused a scene.  We ended up just walking around the library and he played with books, puzzles and other toys that were in the library.

On Tuesday Cain's friends Paxton and Kellen came over for a playdate.  They used to live across the street but now live about 30 minutes away so we don't get to see them enough.  Oh how I wish they still lived across the street!!!

On Wednesday we met some of our friends at the pool.  It was Callie's first time in a pool and I think she really enjoyed it.   She sat in her little float for almost two hours and watched Cain jump in and out of the pool.

Thursday was Callie's first time sitting in the front of a grocery cart.  I know this isn't a big deal to most of you but I love all the new "firsts" when they happen.  Even if it is as little as sitting in the front of Walgreen's shopping cart.  This made it much easier because before now I had been carrying Callie and pushing the cart with Cain in it each time I needed to stop at Walgreen's.

Friday was pretty uneventful and then this weekend we sat outside and watched Brad stain our back deck all weekend.

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