Monday, June 13, 2011

Follow-up appointments

Cain has been seen by 3 different Dr's for follow-up appointments since being discharged from the hospital.  The first appointment was with his pediatrician the day after discharge.  He needed to be seen by his pediatrician to get a baseline of where he was after surgery.  He was weighed and then we discussed surgery and any concerns with our pediatrician.  Cain weighed 28lbs at his appointment so he lost a about 2lbs during his hospital stay.

Last week he had an appointment with both his cardiologist and his surgeon.

He had xrays on Wednesday before his appointment with his cardiologist.  Cain was not happy at all about having xrays taken and he put up a pretty good fight.  After the xrays we went upstairs and had his vitals taken and then met with the cardiologist.  Cain's sats were in the 85-86 range.  Honestly I was hoping they would be a little higher since this is about the same as where they were before surgery.  I think his cardiologist could tell I hoped they would be higher and he explained they should increase over the next weeks/months as his lungs improve.  They should also go up a little more after his fenestration closure next year.

His cardiologist discontinued two of Cain's medicines so he now only has to take 6 syringes of medicine a day, a daily aspirin, and pain med as needed (which he is still needed about twice a day).  The best part of this appointment was he told us he didn't need to see Cain again until October unless we noticed any changes in Cain's breathing.

Trying to distract Cain while he was having his BP taken by letting him watch Toy Story but that wasn't working too well.
On Friday, Cain had a follow-up appointment with his surgeon.  This was a very easy appointment since vitals and xrays were taken on Wednesday.  They took his BP at this appointment and checked to make sure his incisions were healing properly.  Once again he received an A+ report which made us very happy!

Cain has really gotten into wanting to act just like his Daddy lately.
Am I cool or what?


Kathy said...

SO SO GLAD HE IS DOING WELL!! He looks so good. Give him hugs and kisses for me please!

Katherine said...

He is cute beyond words! Especially in those last pics acting like his dad! Ha! So glad the follow ups went well!

Stephanie Campbell said...

I LOVE the pictures of him and Brad!!!! Can't wait to see him! And you guys too, of course! :-)

Tiffany Lockette said...

He is so stinkin cute and has gotten so big. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Both kiddos are precious. Hope you are doing well and I am glad to hear Cain is doing so good after his surgery! Hugs