Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 10 Update

I can't believe I'm already typing these words but.....


We learned during rounds this morning that Cain would be discharged today.  They felt he was doing good enough to go home and we can wean his diuretics from home.  We are to take him to his pediatrician tomorrow and he has appointments next week with cardiology.  So, he will still be watched over the next few weeks as he recovers.

I can not believe he had open heart surgery 10 days ago and we are already home.  Absolutely Amazing!

We had a rough afternoon after being home.  The picture of Cain in this post is very deceiving because he actually didn't smile too much today and spent most of the day kicking and screaming.  By the end of the night we finally realized he calmed down after his dose of Oxycodone.  We think he was in more pain than we realized and just didn't know how to express it which ended in him kicking and thrashing about.  Hopefully we will do a better job of controlling the pain tomorrow.

The house is now quite and everyone is peacefully sleeping under the same roof tonight.  I know Cain will enjoy getting a full nights sleep without anyone coming in to check his vitals throughout the night or having xrays at 5AM.

I'll post more about our discharge day tomorrow but for now I'm off to get some rest with the rest of my family.


Stefenie said...

GLad to hear you are home! Praying!!

Katie said...

Our two little heart heros are twins! We got home yesterday too...hoping you're settling in, I am so exhausted!!! Didn't realize how tired I really was at the hospital I guess and Maddie's quite demanding, not letting me out of her sight. It is so wonderful to be home though. Thinking lots of you and keeping Cain in our prayers still as we know that this is "never over" and recovery presents it's challenges as well. Love to you all from Washington!!!

AAB said...

Congratulations! I am very glad to hear he is going home so soon. We have been following your story because our son will have to have a Fontan in a year or so and it is great to hear such good news. I imagine soon if not now it feels very good to be home with stage 3 behind you.