Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This is how we roll...

The kids finally have a double stroller.   I certainly wish I had paid more attention to how people go places with two or more children.  I know moms with more than 2 kids are laughing at me right now but seriously going places has been a challenge for us.

Going places that have carts like the grocery store or Target are a breeze but going anywhere else wasn't as easy.  I've been pushing Cain in the stroller and wearing Callie on my chest but as she grows that wasn't as comfortable as it used to be.

 I researched for months and finally decided on the Phil & Ted's explorer stroller.  I had narrowed it down to the double BOB, the Baby Jogger City Select, and the Phil & Ted's Explorer.  Thankfully I decided to look on Ebay the night before I was going out to purchase one.  This P&T stroller was up for auction that night (brand new & in the box) so at the last minute I placed a bid.  Low and behold I actually won the auction!  The best news is that I bought it for almost $250 less than I would have paid in the store!!  I suppose it was meant to be!

It arrived last night and Brad put it together for us this morning.  I couldn't wait to get the kids in it to see what they thought of it.  Thankfully they seem to like it.  I still need to order the carseat adapter so I'll be able to snap Callie's carseat in it when I want to.


Kathy said...

The babies look so comfortable in their new stroller! Great find.
Love the new look of the blog.
Keeping you all in my prayers.

For Our Brave Heart, Sam said...

PLEASE PLEASE email me or message me or SOMETHING and let me know what you think about this stroller when you take it out! I have been debating on it for a while. I LOVE the design, but I want it for a jogging stroller too, and I'm worried it won't be good while jogging. ANY feedback would be appreciated! Love your little family!
Kathy Wimberly (kathywim (at) gmail (dot) com)