Monday, May 16, 2011

New Surgery Date

I received the call today that I was hoping we didn't receive this week.  Around 4:00 this afternoon my phone rang.  As soon as I saw the name and number on caller ID my heart sank.  I knew right then that Cain's surgery was going to be postponed.  And that is exactly what has happened.  Cain's new surgery date is Monday, May 23rd.  Exactly one week from today.  I guess part of me felt as if this would happen.  For some reason each time the phone rang today I was nervous that it would be Vanderbilt.  It's emotionally draining but I completely understand that another sweet heart baby needs our surgeon more on Thursday than Cain does.  I'm just thankful that Cain's heart is healthy enough to wait a few more days. We have been at a point in the past when Cain was that baby that needed urgent attention so we totally understand.

My mom worked this afternoon rearranging flights for my granddad and dad.  And Brad's mom will be rearranging her flight tomorrow.  So far it seems the airlines were really nice and worked with my mom so they didn't have to pay a change fee.

I'm just so very thankful that we received the phone call today.  My parents were going to drive here tomorrow from Louisiana and my Granddad and Brad's moms flights were on Wednesday.  Thankfully we received the call in time for everyone to rearrange their schedules before heading to Nashville.  That was a huge blessing!

So now we are 'tentatively' on schedule for Monday, May 23rd.  Of course, this could change again if any emergency surgeries arise but hopefully that won't be the case.


Katie said...

So sorry for the re-schedule of Cain's fontan. How stressful, I'm worried it may happen to us too but if not, our kiddos will just be a day apart from each other.

The other night (when I couldn't sleep) I was thinking about you...knowing you were a week ahead of us and we are most likely sharing the exact same emotions and feelings at the same time.

Know that we're thinking of you and keeping Cain in our prayers as well. Wished we were in the same hospital, I'd love to have a heart mom friend there!

Hang in there and enjoy your weekend :) Heart hugs to you.

btw- your kids are so dang cute! I can't believe how quickly they're growing and changing!

Stefenie said...

Saying many prayers for the upcoming surgery!!!