Friday, May 20, 2011

Fontan Pre-Op Appointment

Cain had his Fontan pre-op appointment today at Vanderbilt.   We had to be at the hospital bright and early and the appointment lasted for several hours.  Thankfully Brad's mom is already in town so she stayed with Callie at our house.

The appointment started with Nurse Tina getting Cain's vitals and doing an EKG.  We have always hoped we could get Cain close to 30lbs for his Fontan and today he weighed 13.6 kg so 29.9lbs!  I'd say that was pretty close to the 30lbs we had hoped for.  No wonder he always feels so heavy in my arms.

His height was 34 inches, Blood Pressure was 117/76 and his O2 sats were 82.

Next came the EKG.  Cain did just fine with this thanks to a little distraction with toys.  

After his vitals and EKG were taken we headed upstairs to have his blood drawn.  This was the part I had been dreading the most but Cain surprised us and barely made a sound.  He was getting restless as the technician was looking for a good vein to use but he didn't cry at all as they were collecting his blood.  I think he's a better patient than I am.  

Next we headed downstairs for an xray and then back upstairs for a meeting with Cain's surgeon, Dr. Bichell, and one of the cardiac anesthesiologist. 

While we were waiting to talk with Dr. Bichell a life specialist stopped in to talk to Cain.  It's nice they have something like this available for their patients.  I'm not sure how much Cain understood but it was nice to let him see a doll with similar tubing Cain will have attached to him during recovery.  

I know many people have questions about Cain's surgery.  I've been working on a post to answer some of those questions and hope to have that up tomorrow.  

I was very nervous about being super emotional at or after Cain's pre-op appointment.  I surprised myself and feel that I am doing better than I thought I would be doing this close to surgery.  I have done everything I can to keep myself as busy as possible.  I'm not sure my house has ever been this organized.  I was disappointed at first that Cain's surgery had been switched from Thursday to Monday.  But now, I'm thrilled to have this weekend to spend with my sweet bubbly boy.  

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michele said...

I am praying for your family. I am good friends with Katie Allred. Maddie has been on my heart and mind! Your little guy will be too.