Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 9 Update

THE CHEST TUBES ARE OUT!!!!  I repeat the chest tubes are out!!  This is a big step in Cain's recovery.  Especially since chest tube drainage/Pleural Effusions can sometimes be a setback in the Fontan recovery.  We learned this morning during rounds that this would happen today and around noon they came in the room to pull the 2 remaining chest tubes.  They gave Cain Morphine shortly before pulling his chest tubes to relax him and help with the pain.  I held Cain's legs and a nurse held Cain's arms while the NP removed his tubes.  Believe it or not he did better with having his chest tubes pulled than he does with his daily xrays and medicine doses.  His diuretics will slowly be weaned and we will pray that he doesn't show any fluid build up in his next xray.

Glad I was able to capture this on camera because this is a rare moment.  Cain usually never shows Callie any attention.

Brad's stepsister, Jennifer, arrived from Louisiana late last night.  We were thrilled to see her and so thankful she is here to help with Callie.  I'm just hoping Callie is good for her.

I mentioned yesterday that we were really struggling with Cain taking his medicine.  Thankfully I think we have found a way to get him to take his potassium.  We were first given his potassium in a liquid form that we could mix with his juice to drink.  He wasn't always finishing his drink and after having to give him the terrible potassium drip I was determined to get his Potassium in him without having to do the IV drip again.  They are now breaking open a capsule for us and we are putting the potassium on a french fry and dipping it in ketchup.

He is licking the ketchup and potassium right off the fry.  I has worked like a charm.  Now if I could just figure out another easy way to get him to take his medicines that are in a syringe.

We tried to let Cain walk again today but he still wasn't feeling up to it.  Plus he was still pretty wobbly from Morphine.
Everyone kept telling us that Cain would feel so much better after his chest tubes were out.  I'm not sure I believe everyone now.  I have no doubt that he is more comfortable.  But I think it made him comfortable enough to let us know how mad he is with us and how tired he is of being in the hospital.  He spent most of the day kicking the side of the crib and shaking his head back and forth.  I guess if he's throwing a true 2 year old temper tantrum then he must feel a little better.

As soon as someone walks in our room in scrubs or just looks at Cain he starts throwing a fit.  Getting his Blood Pressure taken doesn't hurt at all but yesterday when he was having his BP he kept making this face.....

Of course, I had to do what any loving mom would do and that is take a picture because I thought the face he was making was hilarious.  It did not hurt at all but he certainly wanted us to think it did.

A sweet girl came in the room last night to sing a song to Cain.  They come by every Tuesday and sing to some of the patients.  


So Me! said...
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Anonymous said...

Catherine, your sweet family has been in my prayers. I'm so excited to hear you're going home! As you know, I have a two-year-old boy, too, and I may have a trick for medicines for you.

Now that my son is old enough to want to do things like a "big boy," I've had luck putting medicine in a small cup instead of a syringe. I'm sure the novelty will wear off, but for now, it works well for us. Good luck! And, your French fry trick is genius : )