Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 7 Update

Sunday certainly didn't start off as well as Saturday.  Cain has lab's drawn every morning around 5AM and Sunday's labs showed that Cain's potassium was really low.  Low levels of potassium can be dangerous, especially to the heart so Cain had to be started on a potassium drip.  The drip was administered through an IV on his foot and sadly it burns really bad.  He was on a slow run drip so it wouldn't burn quite as bad but that also meant the drip ran for 2 1/2 hours.  Cain moaned and winced the entire time which was really sad to see.

We also learned during rounds yesterday that Cain had a lot of fluid build up in his chest.  Which means he has fluid around his lungs so his chest tubes are still draining a lot.  This draining is just part of the healing process of the Fontan's.  Cain's chest tube output still seems to be moderate and improving but still draining too much to pull the chest tubes.  Cain is also having a lot of drainage at one of his chest tube sites so the bandaging has needed to be changed often.  He really doesn't like this considering it involves having to pull tape off his skin and use an alcohol swab around the site to clean it so it really burns.  

We were sad to see Cain feeling bad again after having such a great day the day before but I guess that is just part of the healing process.  We've certainly learned from previous hospital stays that it is a roller coaster ride and this stay has been no different. 

Thankfully Cain had two heart friends stop by to visit him on Sunday.  We tried all morning to get a smile out of Cain and all we could get was this face....

As soon as Colby stopped by for a visit, Cain finally sat up in bed and started smiling a little.  

We tried all morning to help him feel better.  It's amazing what someone his age who has been through the exact same experience can do to raise someone's spirit.  

Amazing to think Colby had the exact same surgery as Cain just 8 weeks ago.  

Colby certainly didn't cut Cain any slack for being in the hospital.  He decided stickers would make a great hat for Cain. 

It was great to be able to visit with Becca, Jason, Brody and Colby.   I'm thankful they could pull a smile out of Cain for us.  

Later that afternoon Cain's other heart buddy, Jace, stopped by for a visit.  We met Jace and his family in the hospital after Cain was born.  They are a day apart and Jace was also a single ventricle kid like Cain (HLHS).  They drove 2 hours one way from Kentucky just to visit us in the hospital.  I can't begin to say how much that means to us.

I think Jace may have been flirting with Callie just a little.  I told Tricia, Jace's mom, that Callie would certainly make a good wife one day to either Jace or Colby considering she would understand everything about Hypoplastic kids and their hearts.

I am so thankful for both Becca (Colby's mom) and Tricia (Jace's mom).   Our kids are all at the same stage and having their Fontan's right now.  We "get" each other and it's great to know I have both of
them to turn to.

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Anonymous said...

We've been out of internet for several days. I am sorry for a worse day on Sunday. :( Never fun. The dreaded potassium. Ugh. S went home on potassium meds. I could NOT keep her dry and it tasted so bad. We were glad to say BYE-BYE to the potassium.

I am sorry Cain is having to go through so much. I know you wish you could take it for him. I am continuing to pray for you all.

I would come visit but Jameson has a yucky runny nose, so we'll be staying home with our possible germs. :) I know you get that too.

I hope to meet you all one day AWAY from Vandy when Cain is all better.

Prayers for the ticket home SOON!