Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 4 Update

We had two big events yesterday.  Cain moved out of the Pediatric Critical Care Unit and up to a regular room on the 6th floor and I was finally able to hold him.  Both were great events.

The day started with Cain throwing up all over the nurse.  Brad and I had gone to a sleep room to get a little rest and the nurse decided to pick Cain up and rock him.  While she was rocking him he decided to get sick all over her.  I guess that's what she gets for holding my baby before I was able to hold him.  Truthfully, I'm not upset about that at all!  I actually like that all the nurses love their patients and want to hold them and love on them if I'm not there to do it.

Cain's "Bob the Builder" hat is normally one of his favorite items.  Not too sure he liked it so much today.

Cain doesn't seem to be able to get a break with his pain.  We have really had to keep him pumped full of pain meds to be comfortable.  Of course, the pain meds can cause constipation so poor Cain is dealing with that on top of everything else he has going on.  We decided to finally give him a suppository to help with....well, you know!

Cain was sick a few more times yesterday mostly around the time he has to take his medicines.  Seeing him sick and in pain just breaks my heart.  I wish there was something...anything I could do to make it better for him.

Towards the afternoon Cain started making a terrible noise and trying to grab under his left armpit.  It was evident that there was some sort of pain coming from that area but we couldn't exactly figure out what it could be.  We finally decided to look at his xray and we wonder if it could possible be one of his chest tubes that it causing him so much discomfort.

We know chest tubes cause a great deal of discomfort but something in this area is causing him unbearable pain at times.  One of the Nurse Practitioners said the pain could possibly be from the way his arm was positioned during surgery.  I guess there is really no way of knowing.

We had been told on Wednesday that Cain could possibly move up to the 6th floor but a room never became available.  On Thursday, we were able to make the move up.  This was very exciting because moving up always means you are improving!!

Our goals by the end of the day were to do whatever we could to keep Cain comfortable, keep him full of liquids to prevent dehydration, and possibly pull a chest tube if his drainage subsides.  

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