Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 2 Update

I'm not even sure where to begin on how our day turned out.  Let's just say it was eventful.  And Cain wasn't even what made it so eventful.

First off, Cain is doing great.  The main goal for him today was comfort/pain control.  It was a very long night last night (as we figured it would be first night post-op).  It was a fine balancing act all night on how much pain meds to give Cain to keep him comfortable yet not be too sedated as to affect his breathing.  So there was a lot of tweaking throughout the night.  Last night and most of today Cain was on Vapotherm which is a high flow oxygen therapy which is delivered through a nasal cannula.  He needed this to keep his O2 above 85.  Besides keeping Cain's pain under control another goal for the day was to wean him off Vapotherm.  We were finally able to do this sometime this afternoon.  He is still using a regular nasal cannula but hopefully he can be weaned from that tonight or tomorrow.

We were able to get a sleep room last night so Brad slept from midnight to 3AM in the sleep room and I slept from 3AM to 7.  When I was waking, Brad sent me the following picture.

It was a wonderful sight to see as I waking.  Cain was finally able to drink some Pedialyte and even a bottle of milk.  They didn't want to give him too much to drink since he was still pretty heavily sedated and feared him aspirating.  As his pain meds have decreased he has been able to drink more Pedialyte.

So for the crazy part of our day!  My parents brought us breakfast this morning and we stepped out to eat.  While we were eating my parents sat in the room with Cain.  When we came back from breakfast we saw no less than 15 people in Cain's room.  Brad saw everyone before I did and he took off running towards Cain.  My dad quickly let us know everything was okay with Cain but my mom had PASSED OUT while we were gone!  Craziness!  Mom had been standing at Cain's bedside and all of a sudden felt weak.  Dad noticed her and asked if she was okay.  Thankfully he got a chair over to her just as she was passing out.  The scariest part is that when she passed out her eyes and mouth were open so my dad feared for the worst by the look of her and Cain's nurse thought the same.  Cain's nurse immediately got help and everyone came running.  I guess if your going to pass out then being in the cardiac critical care unit is a good place to do it.  They took her down to the children's emergency room and then over to the adult hospital emergency room.  She had several tests run which all came back normal so they released her after receiving a saline drip and drinking some potassium.

Mom feels better and tonight and Cain seems to be resting the best he has yet.  After we knew mom was okay we couldn't help but laugh a little about what happened.  We didn't laugh at her passing out because that was certainly scary.  We laughed because this wasn't the first time my mom has visited Vanderbilt ER on one of her trips to Nashville.  Some of you may remember her trip to the ER while Cain was recovering from his very first surgery.  What were the chances of that happening again?  Just crazy.

My mom was released from the hospital just in time to see my Granddad (her Dad) before he flew back to Louisiana.  My granddad and Brad's mom both left today to head back home.  We are certainly thankful Cain's great-granddad could be here for his surgery and thankful that Brad's mom could be here to help with Callie.

Cain had a few lines pulled today which is always a good thing.  Earlier today his RA line (line that goes into the right atrium) was pulled and so was his foley catheter.

I am so excited at how well Cain is resting as I write this post.  He hasn't rested this well since surgery.  He is still heavily sedated and hasn't made much eye contact with us.  Hopefully he will start waking up more tomorrow and maybe I can finally hold him.


Krista Phillips said...

He looks amazing!!!!! So glad to hear everything is going well.... we left vch today.. yeah!!! Will be back for clinic on Thursday though. I can't imagine how scary that must have been with your mom... so glad she is ok!!!

Petrie said...

Hi Catherine, Just wanted you to know that I've been keeping your little Cain in prayer. I linked to your blog via Leslie. I also have a post-Fontan child and I've been where you are. So glad to hear Cain is doing well, and will continue to hold him in prayer as he recovers. Hope you are all home soon! Blessings, Petrie