Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Staying Busy

I am so sorry I never wrote an update about Cain's heart cath.  I still plan on writing an update just not tonight.  I will let you know his cath went great and he was discharged from the hospital the very next day.  His Fontan surgery is now scheduled for May 19th.  Just 9 weeks from tomorrow.

We have tried to stay busy and enjoy the pretty weather we have had lately since Cain will be in the hospital before we know it and we won't be able to go anywhere for 6 weeks post surgery.  I feel it's better for me to stay busy in the weeks leading up to his surgery.  The busier I am the less I'll sit and think about his upcoming surgery.

Callie is usually in my arms or strapped to my chest so she didn't make it in any of these pictures but she has been enjoying the beautiful weather too!

Here is a picture of my happy girl!

She is growing up way too fast!!!  She even rolled over for me last week.  I've realized the time goes by much faster with your 2nd child.


ashleycottrell said...

Wait 'til your 3rd :-)

Scarlett said...

So good to see you again! Callie is beautiful. Mr.Cain is such a sweetie.

The Hebert Family said...

Cute pics of the boys playing, and she looks just like you! Y'all need to come home during Spring Break!

Jen, Paul and Gracie said...

So glad Cain's heart cath went smoothly. My daughter also has HRHS (pulmonary atresia) and will be undergoing the Fontan in about a year. Hope these next couple of months prior to Cain's Fontan are filled with many sunny days out playing and that everything goes smoothly with his surgery!
Jen, Gracie's mom