Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bath Time

Lately I've been giving the kiddo's their baths at the same time but tonight I planned to give Callie hers and then bathe Cain afterwards.  Cain was standing at the side of the tub as I ran Callie's water and he kept trying to climb in so I told him if he could undress himself then I'd go ahead and bathe him too.  To my surprise, he started undressing all by himself.  I know this doesn't seem like a big deal to most people but having Cain has made me not take anything for granted.  I absolutely love when he does something new.  And since Cain still doesn't talk much I never know what he can understand so it was fun to realize he understood me when I told him to undress and he actually did it!  

This picture is an unusual sight in our house.  Cain rarely touches his sister.  At this moment he was actually helping me wash her hair but normally he is trying to move away from her.  He is very good at ignoring Callie which makes me sad.  

Speaking of baths...we had a very interesting bath night week before last.  I bathed both Callie and Cain at the same time and when it was time to get Callie out I started draining the water and left Cain in the tub as the water drained out.  As I was putting a diaper on Callie I noticed a streak run past me.  Cain had climbed out of the tub and was running out the bathroom door.  As soon as he hit the hardwood floor he slipped down.  Of course my wild man didn't let him slip stop him.  He jumped right up and kept running.  I quickly got Callie's diaper on her and ran to follow Cain.  When I got to him he was standing in the middle of the living room peeing on our hardwood.  When he saw me he kept running again and slipped down in his mess.  Needless to say, there is never a dull moment around here and it was time for Cain's 2nd bath of the night!

He's my little wild man!

And she's my sweet little princess!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Staying Busy

I am so sorry I never wrote an update about Cain's heart cath.  I still plan on writing an update just not tonight.  I will let you know his cath went great and he was discharged from the hospital the very next day.  His Fontan surgery is now scheduled for May 19th.  Just 9 weeks from tomorrow.

We have tried to stay busy and enjoy the pretty weather we have had lately since Cain will be in the hospital before we know it and we won't be able to go anywhere for 6 weeks post surgery.  I feel it's better for me to stay busy in the weeks leading up to his surgery.  The busier I am the less I'll sit and think about his upcoming surgery.

Callie is usually in my arms or strapped to my chest so she didn't make it in any of these pictures but she has been enjoying the beautiful weather too!

Here is a picture of my happy girl!

She is growing up way too fast!!!  She even rolled over for me last week.  I've realized the time goes by much faster with your 2nd child.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quick cath update

I wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know Cain's cath went great today! I'll go into more detail tomorrow after Cain has been discharged from the hospital. Right now I am working hard trying to get Cain to get some rest. He finally fell asleep tonight around 11:00 and then a nurse came in to check on him. Now I'm trying to get my sweet boy back to sleep again. Sorry this update is very short. I haven't had great Internet service today so I'm having to make this update from my phone. We are hoping Cain will be discharged early tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pre-Fontan Heart Cath

This will be short because I should already be in bed.  Cain has his 'pre-fontan' heart catheterization tomorrow morning.  We have to be at the hospital at 7:30 and the procedure should start around 8:30.  Hopefully the procedure won't take too long.  The heart cath's usually only take an hour and a half to two hours.  Basically they will be evaluating Cain's heart function in preparation for his third open heart surgery (the Fontan).  He can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight tonight so his dinner tonight was his last meal until after the procedure tomorrow.  I'm praying he doesn't wake up starving.  It will break my heart if he seems hungry and wanting his pancakes and milk in the morning.

If you are wondering what takes place during a heart catheterization....a thin tube will be inserted into one of Cain's arteries (most likely his leg) and from there will be advanced into the chambers of the heart and arteries.  They will be able to check his pressures and overall heart function.  Of course you must remember I have no medical degree at all so that is my best description.

I will do my very best to keep everyone posted throughout the day.  Now I'm off to bed to get some rest like this sweet little superman.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Yesterday was certainly very entertaining for us.  Actually I guess the entertainment started Sunday evening when Cain fell on our neighbors asphalt driveway while chasing after a football.  He tripped  and caught himself with his hands but ended up falling face first over the football and had his first run-in with asphalt.

He also busted the inside of his lip and had a mouthful of blood.  Poor little guy!  I'm sure we will have plenty of people ask us about this while he is in the hospital this week.

Yesterday we woke up to a very rainy day.  It was eerily reminiscent of the rain last year when the floods occurred.  We kept a very close eye on our creek and when it looked like this we decided to pack a bag and move a few things up higher.

Thankfully we had a break in the rain and the creek water went down fast.  And yes, that is our very muddy back yard.  Hopefully we can get some grass planted/growing now that we are back home.

While the rain was pouring down, we had plumbers at the house trying to figure out why one of our commodes wasn't working.  The plumbers figured out what our problem was and all I can say is Cain must have wanted to see if one of his trains could swim!! That little rascal put Charlie (one of Thomas the Trains friends) in the toilet when I wasn't looking.

And two hours later Charlie the Train finally emerges!  I guess he could swim after all.

The good thing is that all the entertainment helped keep my mind off of Cain's upcoming cath.