Thursday, February 24, 2011

March 3, 2011

It’s hard to believe that one week from today Cain will have his ‘pre-Fontan’ heart catheterization.  We knew this time would eventually come but I can’t believe we are so close to Cain’s next surgery. 

Cain needs this heart catheterization to check his heart pressure's, the valves, chambers, etc.  They will be able to get an overall look at his heart to make sure he is ready for his Fontan surgery.  These pressure readings and pictures will be used to present Cain’s case at the next heart conference.  The team of cardiologists, surgeons, and residents (about 20-30 doctors in total) have weekly conferences where they discuss the patients and in Cain’s case will come up with a plan of what will be done during Cain’s next surgery. 

I’ve been doing all I can to stay very busy and try not to think of Cain’s cath or surgery.  But I’ll be honest, it’s all I can think about!  It breaks my heart that he has to go through another heart surgery.  Even though we knew this time was coming there is no way you can prepare yourself for something like this.  At the same time I know Cain’s little body is starting to show signs that it’s time for his Fontan surgery.  Cain rarely slows down but he is really starting to have shortness of breath as he runs around and will come lay his sweet little head on my shoulder often to rest. 

So next week (March 3rd) whether we are ready or not we will be taking Cain for his next heart catheterization.  We will have to be at the hospital early that morning and will hopefully only have to stay one night.  My parents are driving to Nashville next Wednesday and will be here to help us with Callie.  She hasn’t been great at taking bottles.  She has only taken 3 bottles since birth and refuses to drink formula.  I’ll be working hard this week to get milk frozen and praying she will drink it from a bottle for my parents while they are here. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CHD Awareness Week Events

*Sorry for all the crazy long gaps between pictures and some of the text.  I've tried correcting it but can't!  I give up!  I'll be honest's driving me crazy so if you are a blogger and know how to correct it please feel free to let me know* 

Every year February 7th-14th is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week.  With the craziness of two small kiddo's, I did not get to do as much to raise awareness during this week as I would have liked.  Here are a few events that we did get to attend during the week.

3rd Annual Blood Drive and Bake Sale in honor of Colby

This blood drive and bake sale is put on by our friends Becca and Jason every year in honor of their son, Colby.  This years event turned out to be their biggest and best yet.  They ended up having 77 productive blood donors and raised over $2300 for CHD research.  I was sad that I couldn't donate blood this year.  I found out that the Red Cross makes you wait 3 months after having a baby to donate blood.

If you have ever considered donating blood now is a great time to do it!  The crazy winter storms our country experienced during January forced thousands of expected pints of blood to go uncollected.  As a result, Red Cross blood collections in the month of January were the lowest they have been in a decade.

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day 2011

This was our 3rd year to attend the CHD Awareness meeting at Vanderbilt Children's.  Every year state and local proclamations are presented at this event stating February 14th as Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day in Tennessee.  It was nice to see some of our heart friends and some of the staff who took care of Cain while he was in the hospital.  

The Heart Chakra

I didn't get to attend this event since it was in Dallas but I wish I could have.  Dawn, who is one of my best friends, has been working very hard for a year (maybe longer) on getting her Yoga certification.  She taught a free Yoga class called 'The Heart Chakra' and held the class in honor of Cain.  This meant so much to me and I thought it was perfect since it fell during Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week.  After the class she was given her Yoga Certification.  I'm so proud of you Dawn for all your hard work and dedication in getting your Yoga certification.  Thank you for honoring Cain in your class.    

Dawn made this great shirt to wear while she taught her yoga class.  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cain's Party Train

We had a wonderful trip to Louisiana.  Brad had to travel to California for work so we drove down and he flew out of West Monroe and back so I could stay with my parents for the week.  We also decided to have Cain's birthday in Louisiana again this year.  The trip couldn't have been more perfect.  Well, it would have been better had I not gotten a terrible cold but thankfully I was at my parents and had help with the kids.

We were able to visit with friends and family the weekend before Cain's birthday and his birthday weekend.  It was great to see everyone.  We had friends and family drive several hours to see us, Cain, and to meet Callie.  I can't explain how much this means to us.  I hope everyone who drove in to see us knows just how much we appreciate it and how much we love each and every one of you!

Cain is slightly obsessed with Thomas the Train (actually more than slightly obsessed) so we decided to have a Thomas the Train themed birthday party.  I found a lady on etsy ( and had her make the invitations and party decorations.  I think they turned out great.

The weather was absolutely perfect for Cain's party.  We rented a bounce house for the kids and I had been worried that it would be too cold but it ended up being almost 70 degrees on his birthday.

The bouncer ended up being a hit for all ages!  Even my dad got in on the fun!