Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

We received a few inches of snow this week and decided we needed to bundle Cain up and enjoy it.  Thankfully Callie takes decent afternoon naps (sometimes) so Brad and I were able to spend some fun quality time with our favorite little guy.

We helped Cain build his very first snowman.  Actually Brad and our neighbors niece really did all the work.  Cain helped a little but he mostly supervised and I was busy taking pictures.

We all had a blast playing in the snow!  Sadie even enjoyed it.  

Here is our own little frosty the snowman....

I think he will be out in our yard for awhile because it keeps snowing and I don't think the temperature will be above freezing anytime soon.

You better watch out around here because you never know when you will get a head full or face full of snow.

I'm sure we will be back out in the snow today enjoying it!  I can't wait!  

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