Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Louisiana Trip

Callie can now say she has been on her first road trip. We traveled to Louisiana so Callie could meet friends and family. Cain has always been great for us on the 8 hour car ride to my parents but we were nervous of how Callie would do. Thankfully she did great! She didn't make a sound until we were 30 minutes from my moms house. I think she tried making up for her lack of crying and let us have it for the last 30 minutes of the drive.

We've had a wonderful time at my parents and have really enjoyed all of our friends getting to meet our new baby girl!

I think Callie has enjoyed all the attention!

My mom's house was full of kids Saturday and I think Sadie enjoyed all the attention she received too!

Brad's step-sister and her kids drove up on Sunday to meet Callie and to see Cain. 
"Hey...I know y'all are college students who woke up at 5am to come see me but I'm not going to let you sleep!"
"Well, if you insist on napping I guess I'll let you sleep with my Mike the Tiger"

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