Friday, December 3, 2010

We're Home

We were able to bring Callie home yesterday around lunch.  It was SO WONDERFUL to bring a baby home 2 days after being born.  The nurses had to go over the standard discharge information of how to care for your baby at home.  All I could think as they were going over everything was, I think I have this one covered.  When Cain was finally discharged from the hospital the nurses were teaching me things like how to put his feeding tube back in, how to flush is line, how to give him daily injections.  I figure cleaning around Callie's umbilical cord should be a breeze!

It was so much fun to dress a baby girl to go home from the hospital.  I may have gone overboard but you only bring a baby home once so I couldn't help myself.

Cain was so cute when we brought Callie home.  He went straight to her carseat to check her out.  I'm still not sure if he was interested in her or just interested in the carseat and the buckles.  It was still adorable no matter which he was interested in. 

So far everything is going great.  A friend let us borrow a cradle so Callie is sleeping in our room until we move back in our house.  She slept great last night and woke twice to eat.  

We gave Callie her first bath this morning before heading out to her first Dr's appointment.

Needless to say, she wasn't a huge fan of her first bath at home.  But she does seem to like her brother and I think her brother is liking her too.

My parents had to leave this morning to head back to Louisiana.  I hated to see them go and I know they REALLY hated to leave their two grandbabies.

After they left we headed to Callie's first Dr's appointment.  Her pediatrician doesn't make rounds at the hospital she was born at so they wanted to see her as soon as she came home.  The Dr. thought she looked a little yellow so he decided to check her bilirubin count to check for jaundice.

Cain seemed very concerned for his sister while they were drawing her blood.  He was either sad to see her crying or he was worried he was next.

Thankfully her bloodwork turned out okay.  Her count was 11 and they don't get concerned until the count is 17.  However, her pediatrician was concerned about her weight.  Her birth weight was 7lbs. 9oz.  She was 7lbs. 1oz. yesterday when we left the hospital and today she was 6lbs 11oz.  He suggested I start feeding her every 2 to 2 1/2 hours and scheduled us to come back Sunday for a weight check.

After our Dr's appointment Brad had to meet with our contractor about the house.  Which meant I was home alone with both kids for the first time.  I'll admit I was concerned about how it would go but thankfully it turned out just fine.  Cain was a wild man as usual but Callie was great and slept unless she was nursing.


Lisa L. said...

Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl! She is so lovely. Happy to hear that everything went well. Cain looks like he is enjoying his new buddy :) I'm expecting our second babe this March. Big sister Mila is very excited!

Katie said...

She's so precious!!! Congrats to you :)

I remember my oldest being more intrigued with the carseat than his brother when we brought Cade home, he kept getting in and out of it, wanting a binky again, always lots of fun. You'll be amazed at the mischief they can get into while you're nursing too- you'll probably find yourself walking around more than sitting when nursing her at some point...hopefully Cain won't get into too much mischief :) Fun times!!!

The Heberts said...

Again, she is sooo pretty! I'm soooo ready to meet her!!

jessica marie said...

YOU GO GIRL!! I'm so so so happy to hear everything was breezy peezy! Thinking of you and your family of FOUR! :)

ps, she is BEAUTIFUL!

Stefenie said...

Congratulations on your baby girl. So happy for you!!

Rachel and Bryan said...

Callie is so beautiful! Isn't it so easy to get carried away with the little girl clothes? You are going to have so much fun dressing your little doll. Looks like Cain is going to be a great big brother, too! Lots of love from the Zanders, Bryan Rachel Ava and Abby

ps. give Sadie some scratches. how does she like the new addition?

Tiffany Lockette said...

Oh my goodness, can she get any cuter!! How is it with two? I am getting so anxious. We are in the middle of moving plus trying to prepare for our new little one. I am 23 weeks now! Super excited but super nervous!!