Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quick Update...

I'll go ahead and apologize but this post will not have any pictures of Cain or Callie.  I'm way too exhausted to do anything other than type a quick update.  I've had many people check to see if Callie gained weight at her weight check on Sunday.  I'm happy to report that she had and her pediatrician was pleased.  She was up to 7lbs. 3oz.  There is no lack of eating on Callie's part.  I swear it seems like she is ALWAYS hungry and always wanting to nurse.  Speaking of nursing...I had to go to a lactation specialist today.  Nursing hasn't exactly been easy and I certainly hope things get better soon.

Another question many people ask me is, "How is Cain adjusting to his new sister?"  So far I think he is adjusting well.  He really only seems interested in her if she is crying.  

Cain has his 6 month cardiology appointment tomorrow morning.  I'm praying the appointment goes well.  I always get nervous before these appointments.  I know there will be lots of discussion about Cain's next surgery and surgery is something I don't even want to talk about or think about yet.  

Well....I keep falling asleep as I type this update so I guess it is time for me to get some rest.  Cain's appointment is at 9:00 in the morning so it should be interesting to see how we will be able to get everyone dressed, fed, out the door and to an appointment by 9:00.

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