Tuesday, November 16, 2010

September in Review

I know I probably sound like a broken record but I'll say it again....I can't keep my blog up to date lately. I'd love to get the blog caught up before our baby girl arrives...which is only 3 weeks from today!  Yikes!  I decided to make things easier for myself and just do a blog post of our "September in Review".  And yes, I realize it's November not September...I'm just that far behind on my blog.   

At the beginning of September I took Cain to stay with his MiMi & Poppa and some of our best friends came to Nashville for the LSU/Vanderbilt game.  We had so much fun and LOVED having everyone here.  

Chef Aaron doing what he does best...cooking great Louisiana food while we tailgate.

September 18th-Family Zoo Day




September 22nd-Baby Loves Disco
I celebrated my 32nd birthday by taking Cain to his first Disco.  We went to something called "Baby Loves Disco" and had a blast.  Cain loves to dance anytime he hears music so I thought he would be a dancing machine that night.  I think Cain ended up being overstimulated and didn't even realize music was playing.  He walked around nonstop and was into everything.  I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday!!

Cain was mesmerized my this Disco Diva

Hey Mr. DJ

September 29th-My Gym with Colby

Cain's heart buddy, Colby, invited Cain to visit My Gym with him.  Cain really enjoyed My Gym and so did I.  I would love to sign Cain up after his sister is born.  I thought about signing him up for classes now but with so much going on...trying to get our house finished and getting ready for a baby...I decided to wait and sign him up later.  Plus that way we can wait until after cold & flu season.  I'm always super nervous about Cain being around lots of people or kids during this time of year.  We certainly don't need Cain sick.

High five Colby

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