Thursday, October 28, 2010

Speech Evaluation

Cain had his speech evaluation today.  Boy was it a long appointment!!  The appointment started at 1:00 and we didn't leave until 4:30.  Cain was a champ throughout it all.  He was very patient and enjoyed playing with all the toys.  He cracked me up several times during the evaluation though.  Somehow he learned to open the door to the room we were in and tried to escape.  He seriously opened the door, told me and the speech therapist "bye" and took off walking as fast as he could down the hall.  The remainder of the evaluation I had to sit in a chair at the door so he couldn't escape again.  I think he was trying to tell us he was done and had enough of us talking about what words he could say or couldn't say.

I spent a few hours answering the therapists questions and then she had us wait in the lobby for 45 minutes while she scored the evaluation and gave us a short report from today.  We will get a more in depth report mailed to us.  She said the results were that Cain has a mild speech delay.  To be honest with you that thrills me!  We have always been told that Cain may be 3-4 months behind developmentally so a mild delay doesn't phase me.  He will start really talking when he's ready.  The therapist said she was going to put us on the wait list for therapy but Cain may start talking on his own by the time there is a spot open for him to start speech therapy.  He is right on the cusp of really talking and you can tell he gets frustrated when he can't communicate what he is trying to say.  

Overall I think the appointment went well and I'm very happy to have it behind us.

Cain patiently waiting while the therapist scored his evaluation.  Thank goodness they had cartoons to keep him occupied.

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The Hebert Family said...

He's looking quite spiffy at his appointment! If he could just hang with Holli for a little while, she'd have him talking. Send him to my house for his "therapy." Hee! Hee! Give him a kiss for me!