Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pregnancy Highlights - 24 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 24 Weeks today
Size of baby: 13 inches long and weighs a little over a pound. She is the length of an ear of corn!
Total Weight Gain: Gained 18lbs.
Maternity Clothes: I have one pair of maternity jeans but since it is summer I'm able to wear non-maternity dresses almost everyday
Gender: Girl! 
 We still don't have a full name picked out.  We think we have her first name picked out but still considering middle names.
Movement: Yes! She moves so much more than Cain ever did.  It's so fun to feel her moving around punching & kicking me.
What I miss: I really can't say I miss a thing.
Sleep: Sleep has never been a problem for me.  I've always slept great!  
Symptoms: I don't really have any symptoms other than frequent trips to the bathroom.
Cravings: Can't say I have any cravings yet.  In the beginning I was craving Angel Food smoothies from Smoothie King.
Best Moment this week: I was able to hear her heartbeat today.
What I am looking forward to this week: I should be getting fabric samples in the mail this week for possible crib bedding.  Can't wait to see the fabric in person. 

I had my 24 week check up today and everything went great.  I don't think my OB was thrilled that I had already gained 18lbs.  She drilled me on what foods I was eating and asked me several times if I've been drinking juice a lot.  I gained way too much weight when I was pregnant with Cain so I'm trying to do better this time.  I was actually happy that I had only gained 18lbs but don't think the Dr. was as happy.  

I heard her heartbeat today.  It was around 144-145 beats per minute.  Hearing that little heartbeat always puts a huge smile on my face.  I also had my glucose test today.  I had to drink the wonderful drink, wait and hour and then have my blood drawn.  I should hear the results from the test sometime next week.  From here on out I will start seeing a different Dr. at each appointment.  That way I can meet all the Dr's in the practice in case my Dr. isn't available to deliver this baby.  My next appointment is in 4 weeks.


Stefenie said...

Great news!! You look great by the way! I too always gained TINS of weight when I was pregnant with both of my boys.

Anonymous said...

who cares about those 18 pounds! You look fantastic cuz. I can't believe you are exactly 8 weeks behind Melissa. It is gonna be a fun time at the upcoming Christmas parties. Hopefully no more nervous break downs on our end.


Kathy said...

You look so beautiful in that photo! You just glow - REALLY! I am WAY excited for you guys and can't wait to see the fabric.

Anonymous said...

Umm...is your doctor nuts?! You look amazing!

ashleycottrell said...

You look beautiful my friend.

Shauna said...

You look GREAT :)