Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fetal Echo

A week after we found out that baby #2 is a girl we were able to have a fetal echo performed to look closely at her heart. Since my 20 week ultrasound looked good I was comfortable about the echo yet it was hard to not be a little nervous. The echo was performed at Vanderbilt Children's by the same group that Cain goes to for his check-ups. Both Brad & I felt strange to be there without Cain.

The echo took a little longer than I expected but it was only because this baby is a mover! She would not stay still for the echo tech. I think his exact words were, "if she is the same when she is born as she is now then we will have a wild one on our hands" Yikes!

Once the echo tech was able to take all the pictures he needed of the heart he met with the doctor. She then came in and took a few more pictures.

Finally, we heard what we had been waiting to hear! All looks good!!! 4 chambers, great arteries are where they are supposed to be, etc. She did say there are some things she would not be able to see until the baby was born and told us a echo could be performed sometime after birth if we wanted it to be. But she also said she felt very comfortable that everything is perfect

For now, it will be nice to sit back and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy without the worries and fears I had while pregnant with Cain.


Hailey's Mom said...

Congratulations! That is such great news to hear. I'm having my 16 week check next thursday, praying for a healthy heart!

Tiffany Lockette said...

Congratulations, that is awesome news.

Katherine said...

What great news!

Katherine said...

What great news!

Mommy23Miracles said...

:-D Yeah for you! That's wonderful news! Good luck on the entire pregnancy and a happy and healthy baby girl and mommy....and daddy and Cain too!!!! What a relief. I understand with the whole "normal pregnancy" thing. Never had one.... twins the first and TGA the second. Enjoy this one!