Sunday, August 1, 2010

1st Haircut

We finally made the big step and took Cain for his very 1st haircut on Saturday. Although I know he is probably sad to see his cute little mullet gone. I thought I was ready for this big day but will admit I was a little sad when they started cutting his hair. Not that he had very much to cut but the back was getting pretty long. He can no longer talk about his cute head of hair as "business in the front, party in the back". It's all business now.

I know I probably could have cut his hair but we ended up taking him to Snip-It's so his 1st haircut could be a big event. Plus I really didn't trust myself to cut his hair.

Waiting to get his big boy haircut. Yes, I do realize that there wasn't very much to cut.
At first he wasn't too thrilled about having the cape put around his neck.
And he really wasn't thrilled about the lady spraying water on his head. As you can see his face pretty much says..."Why in the world are you doing that?"
But he was much happier once we gave him toys...
And yogurt covered pretzels.
Watching cartoons
Checking himself out in the mirror
Hair for the baby book
Cain's 1st big boy haircut
My two boys


Stefenie said...

What a neat place to get his hair cut at. My boys would love it there. I have always cut Logan's hair with clippers and he is usually less than thrilled when it is time. He hates the hair everywhere.

Julie Chupp said...

This is the first time I notice, but Cain is really looking like Brad!

The Hebert Family said...

I love his new haircut! He looks like such a big boy!