Thursday, July 1, 2010

Roseola Virus

Cain spent the last few days with a little virus.  He had a fever that started on Saturday and lasted through Monday.  On Sunday his fever got up to 101.4.  We stayed in all weekend hoping he would feel better.  We thought about taking him to the Dr. on Sunday but he was still pretty playful and his breathing and color seemed fine.  I hated taking him to the Dr. and exposing him to more germs if it wasn’t necessary.  On Tuesday his fever went away but he had a cough that kept getting worse.  I went ahead and scheduled an appointment for Cain and we went in to see his pediatrician on Wednesday morning.  Thankfully, I had the appointment already scheduled because that morning he woke up with a terrible rash all over his chest.  And his cough actually started scaring me.  It seemed like he was wheezing & trying to catch his breath at the end of each cough.  This isn’t a picture of Cain but this is what the rash looked like.  Except it was only on his chest and thankfully not his arms. 


Turns out Cain had Roseola Virus.  We were told he was on the tail end of the virus and there was really no meds to give him.  He seems to be much better today.  No rash but still has his terrible cough.  His cough started around the time of the flood which was 2 months ago.  Yesterday the Dr. decided I should start giving him  1/2 a teaspoon of Claritin once a day.  Hopefully this will help the poor guy’s cough!  We’ve had several different Dr’s listen to his chest since the cough began.  Actually, 3 different pediatricians and his cardiologist have all listened to him and everyone says his lungs sound great.  So we are assuming the cough is from allergies and the Claritin will work.  At least we hope it will work!


The Simmons Family said...

Poor Cain! It sounds like our boys have the similar thing... I'm waiting to see if a rash pops up so we can label it. Right now it's just fever, little cough, and icky phlem. Yuck.

Hope Cain gets to feeling better soon

cici said...

poor little puffle. I itch just looking at that photo!