Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Falling Behind

I’m really hoping I can play blog “catch-up” over the next week or two.  A lot has taken place during the last two months that I would like to document on our blog.  I don’t keep scrapbooks so this blog is my way of remembering our family events.  I think I’ve had exhaustion combined with writers block that has kept me from keeping everything as up to date as I’d like for it to be.   My goal is to get the following posts written soon…….

1.  A big secret I’ve been keeping…and I mean BIG!

2.  Country Music Marathon

3.  Cain’s 6 month Cardiology follow-up

4.  Trip home to Louisiana

5.  Back to work

6.  Alice & Olivia wardrobe makeover

7.  Update on House

I thought if I told everyone I was going to write these soon  I would finally get it DONE!  I guess I better get over my writers block and get to writing. 

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