Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cardiology Appointment

A few weeks ago Cain had his 6 month Cardiology follow-up.  As usual the appointment started off with checking Cain’s weight (22.13lbs), blood pressure on all extremities, and his O2 saturations.  His sat’s were 80-85% range which is exactly where his cardiologist wants them to be for now.  The closer he gets to needing the Fontan surgery his sat’s may start trending downward which is normal.  For now, we LOVE seeing sat’s in the 80’s!  And his BP readings were all good. 

photo (21)

photo (29)

After his vitals were taken we met with his cardiologist.  He told us what every heart parent loves to hear….”his heart and lungs sound great…I’ll see you again in 6 months!”  Of course, the appointment was a little more in depth than that but I heard the main thing I wanted to hear and that is that everything looks great for now. 

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We talked more about Cain’s next surgery.  If everything with Cain’s heart remains the same he will probably have his next surgery next April/May with a pre-Fontan heart cath a few weeks to a month before the surgery.  The cardiologist would like Cain to be closer to 15 kilos (30lbs) before the next surgery so from now until then I’ll work hard on fattening him up.  I wish I could say his heart will be fixed then and he will be cured but unfortunately that will never be the case for Cain. 


Katie said...

I hate hearing that word...palliative. Had to actually look it up and cried for a while after I read what it meant. You're right, our little heart babes can never be cured or fixed and this is such a tough reality for us to grasp. Thank God they are doing so well though and we're the lucky ones!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting!!!

Shauna said...

Thats great news on the appt!! If you need tips to fatten him up, let me know :)

Stefenie said...

What wonderful news to hear! I am so glad that everything went well and that surgery can be put off until next spring. Praying for lots of happy fattening meals in the future for Cain so he can gain the needed weight! Enjoy your summer!!

Lisa L. said...

Happy to hear that Cain is doing well! Our daughter is likely having a Fontan procedure around the same time as Cain's (spring 2011). She weighs the same as Cain right now and fattening her up has always been a challenge! But we are plugging away at it :)

Dr Eva said...

God is so good!!!