Tuesday, June 29, 2010

17 Months

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I can’t believe it but Cain turned 17 months today!  This has been the BEST 17 months of my life!  I never knew it was possible to love someone as much as I love Cain.  And I love him more and more each day.  He is at such a fun stage now.  He constantly keeps Brad & I laughing.  (And he keeps us exhausted too!) 

I just looked back in my blog and realized I haven’t written a monthly update since Cain was 13 months.  This is way overdue considering Cain changes so much from day to day now. 

What is Cain up to at 17 months?

-Cain is wearing 18-24 month clothes and is in a size 4 diaper.  The last time his weight was checked he weighed 22.13 lbs and he was 30.5 inches long.  Cain still has a tiny foot.  He mostly wears size 3 shoes and we finally bought him his first size 4 but they are still a little big.

-Cain finally has 9 teeth.  4 have completely come in and 5 have cut through his gums and are working their way in.

-Cain is a very independent child.  He likes to do everything on his own.  He loves to try to feed himself, always wants to try to do the buckles in his car seat and stroller, and usually always wants to turn the pages of his books himself.  This list could go on and on.  Basically he likes to tell us what he is going to do and when he is going to do it!  We could be in trouble as he gets older. 

-Cain is finally back to sleeping through the night.  Praise the LORD!  He had a rough transition after the flood but seems to be doing much better.

-He is sleeping about 10-11 straight hours every night. 

-He is an EARLY riser.  He is usually up by 6:30 every morning.  I can say that he certainly DID NOT get this from his mom! 

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-He will now blow kisses to people when asked.

-I think Cain could win a contest in speed crawling.  We are still working hard on teaching him to walk.  He cruises around our entire apartment holding on to everything he can.  He usually gets tired and knows he can get to what he wants faster by crawling.

-He LOVES to crawl up stairs.  If he see’s stairs anywhere he wants to be crawling up them.  Unassisted!  Again, Mr. Independent!

-Cain’s MOST EXCITING recent accomplishment is he walked a few steps (10-20 steps) holding on to just one of our hands.  I’m dying to get this on video but I never have my camera ready. 

-Cain is still taking a morning and afternoon nap.  He usually sleeps an 1-2 hours each nap.  I’m wondering if we will ever be able to switch to just one long afternoon nap.  He is usually falling asleep every morning by 9:00 since he wakes up so early every day. 

-He still isn’t saying too many words.  Mostly “momma” or “dadda”.  He is usually saying “momma” when he is hanging on to my clothes wanting me to pick him up.  At that point it is a very long drawn out…”Maaaa-Maaaa” which I think is adorable.

-We are starting to notice him repeating us trying to say words.  I’ve been singing the alphabet a lot during bath time and it sounds like he is trying to sing along with me.  It sounds more like…”ah…de…doo…deh….eh…” but you can certainly tell he is trying. 


-Lately Cain has started putting the phone up to his ear and pretending to talk on the phone.  I can’t imagine where he learned this from.  He never see’s me talking on the phone.  Ha!

-He loves crawling in his little car, closing the car door behind him, and pretending to drive.

-We laugh and say that Cain is just like a dog.  If he see’s us eating anything he usually comes crawling to us wanting a bite of whatever we are eating. 

I can’t wait to see what Cain has in store for us over the next month.  He is growing and changing so fast.  I’m just hoping we can keep up with him.

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