Monday, May 17, 2010

Just a very quick update

I apologize for the lack of updates lately. I've realized a correction I need to make on my last post. I mentioned that we had 4 inches of water throughout our house. I wish it had only been 4 inches. We actually ended up with about 3 feet of water throughout the house it is now gutted from about 4 feet down. We are doing okay and have found a place to live for the next several months (more about that later).

We were without internet last week hence one of the reasons I have not been able to update our blog. Besides cleaning and moving into a temporary home we have been dealing with a few illnesses since the flood. The week of the flood Cain ended up with his first ear infection. Then last Wednesday I stayed in bed all day with a terrible stomach bug. And this weekend we had to take Cain in to the Dr. on Saturday due to the fact he was running a fever of 101.1 and acting very lethargic. The Dr. ran several tests, checked his oxygen sats, and ran labs. Thankfully everything turned out okay and he seems to be feeling much better today.

Again, I'm hoping to post more flood pictures and write an update later this week once I have more time.

We can't thank everyone enough for all the kind calls, emails, prayers, boxes of supplies, borrowing of furniture and even home cooked meals. Not to mention all the help cleaning out our home. We don't know what we would do without everyone's support. It's appreciated more than you will ever know!

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Stefenie said...

Still praying for you guys!!!