Monday, April 19, 2010

Miami girls' trip

I spent my first several nights away from Cain weekend before last. I missed him terribly but had the most wonderful, relaxing weekend in Miami with several girlfriends. I mentioned awhile back some of my friends surprised me with a getaway vacation.

I left early Thursday morning and returned home Sunday afternoon. We had a blast and even decided to make this trip our 1st Annual Girls' Trip! We decided we need to make it a priority to get away together for a long weekend at least once a year. I highly recommend it for all moms!

Here is proof that we had a relaxing trip....

Most people go to clubs in Miami. Not us! We enjoyed game night at our hotel and played Connect 4 and Scrabble. My how times have changed.

We stayed in South Beach at The Catalina hotel. It was probably one of the most trendiest hotels I've ever stayed at. We loved it.

We spent most of our time relaxing by the rooftop pool.

And the rest of the time we spent relaxing on the beach! Pure bliss!!

I'll never be able to thank these girls for taking me on this trip. They are wonderful friends and I am blessed to have them in my life!

Thankfully Brad took many pictures of his weekend alone with Cain. I'll be posting those pictures on my next post. It seems Brad had everything under control and it looked like Cain was a perfect angel for his Daddy.

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