Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Our Easter festivities started the weekend before Easter when we took Cain to see the bunnies at Phillips Toy Mart. Phillips Toy Mart is a wonderful old toy store that is less an 1/2 a mile from our house. Every year they have live bunnies at the store during Easter. Hopefully we can make going to see the bunnies a family tradition.

I actually think Cain enjoyed the trains more than he enjoyed the bunnies.

It's hard to believe this was Cain last Easter....

And this is what he looked like this year!

He has grown so much in a year!!

As soon as Cain saw his Easter baskets he crawled straight to them.

He seemed very curious to see what the Easter bunny had brought him. This year he had two baskets. One from us and one from my parents.

Cain checking out his Peter Cottontail movie.

Instead of hiding eggs for Cain I just put them out in the middle of our living room floor. Cain did great with picking the eggs up and putting them into his Easter basket.

Family pictures after church

The weather was perfect so we decided to have our Easter lunch outside on our picnic table. I even made it special and used our china. Using our china is easy when there is only two plates to hand wash. :)

I think Cain enjoyed the picnic as much as we did.

I usually just put Cain's food on his highchair tray but my mom sent Cain a very cute Easter plate so I decided to use it. It didn't take me long to remember why I don't put food on a plate for Cain. It's because he likes to throw the food off of his plate!

He is such a little stinker!!


ashleycottrell said...

What a great weekend. I love the pic last year from Easter. I still remember you buying that adorable outfit. Hope all is well.

Stefenie said...

Adorable pictures! So glad you had a great Easter!